Traditional School Does Not Have My Heart

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[Editor's Note: I have been learning this year that the school system, as it exists today, doesn't allow for much variation in the many different ways children learn and need help. It has been frustrating at times and we're not currently dealing with any extreme issues. My heart goes out to those like Heather who is trying to help her son with his dyslexia. After a recent school conference, she had some really deep thoughts about schooling, preparing our kids for the future and the fundamental flaws with it all. I think she makes some really valid points. -Jenna]

As I Once Again Consider Unschooling:

deskMy son struggles in school. He's reading at about a first grade level near the end of second grade. His writing is sloppy (in Kindergarten it was remarkably neat...I don't know where it went wrong.) and his spelling is atrocious.

I wonder how much these things matter though. How often do you hand write something at your job? When do you not have access to a spell check?

If you are going to be a cashier, learning to make change is still important. What if you type in the wrong thing to the register? Is it really necessary to call a manager to make change when someone has a bill of $12.06, gives you a $20 and 6 cents?

There is a disconnect with teaching children real life skills.

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