Suddenly the Grocery Bill Was Half

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[Editor's Note: Ever since Denise Tanton started her Extreme Couponing series, I've been paying way more attention to coupons. I'm not ashamed to haul my dorky binder into the store because it means I'm usually saving $20-$30 on a big trip, and I'm making those big trips once a month instead of once a week for the same reasons Suzanne describes in her post. I'll never be on that show, either, but hey, I like money! -Rita]

I Promise I’ll Never End Up On Extreme Couponers

On top of the regular sales, my grocery store (Stop & Shop – it’s the same as Giant in other parts of the country) has a few coupons attached to their ad that can bring the sale prices of an item even lower. For example, cherry tomatoes are usually $3.99. They were on sale for $2.99. With the coupon on the circular they were $1.99. That’s totally worth the ten seconds it took me to cut it out. The idea of “couponing” as depicted on TV and the more intimidating parts of the internet is still so overwhelming my brain completely shuts down at the very thought. I do not scour the internet for coupons. I do not steal my neighbor’s papers to get coupons. I don’t buy stuff I never would have bought without a coupon and hoard it in my basement. But if I can buy something with the coupon that I KNOW I will need (last week it was butter, down from $3.49 to $1.99) I will buy it and freeze it. There are also sometimes coupons to get bonus gas points, which is literally free money. Saving 30+ cents a gallon adds up over the course of a few months.

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