I Promise I Won't Say "Vagina"

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Editor's note: I laughed when I read this post by Catherine about how she'd accidentally inflicted pain and suffering on her private parts. Reading it, I thought, "Hey, this totally could have happened to me!" It all started innocently enough, with a roll-on headache remedy of essential oils applied to her forehead. Read what happened from there (and let it serve as a reminder to always think twice before you wipe). – Judy

The oil rolled into my left eye and before I knew it I was running around shrieking. My left eyeball was on fire. The pain subsided, eventually. I stared at my messed up face and red eye in the mirror and it was determined, by me, that I had to pee. So, I sat to pee. I unwound some toilet paper, rolled it into a ball and rested my head into it. I am wondering yet if you know where this is going.

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