I Remember Being Held Down By a Gang. Why Can't Romney Remember?

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[Editor's Note: Recent allegations that Mitt Romney and his gang of friends bullied a gay classmate by pinning him down and chopping off his hair have sparked memories of being bullied for BlogHer Erin Kotecki Vest. While Erin acknowledges that most people are not the same as they were during their high school days, she finds it troubling if Romney truly cannot remember that incident. After all, most of Erin's attackers have since apologized for their actions. Here's an excerpt of what she writes at Queen of Spain. --Grace

I’m disturbed that Romney does not remember. I really am. Either he did things like this so often they didn’t even register in his memory or he found it to be such a ‘non’ issue he had no reason to remember. Or he does remember and can’t bring himself to discuss it and actually tell the world this sort of behavior has no place in our society. Or…or…. I don’t know. I just know his reaction to this has been bizarre, at the least.

I certainly remember being held down by that group of boys. All them, to this day, remember holding me down. It seems all of Romney’s gang remembers holding down their victim as well. All except Mitt.

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