I Traumatized My Kid and Fed Her to Raptors

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Ever come up with a great idea for your child? Something that you knew they loved and you thought would make a perfect family memory? Something that inadvertently ended up traumatizing them despite your good intentions? Mommy Umuted recently had an experience like that; she once judged parents who took their kids to PG-13 movies, but that all changed when she took her daughter on the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom.

I'll admit that I laughed, but only because I have a few of these stories in my arsenal, too. She begins the terrifying ride:

Dinosaur Ride at Dinoland USAWhen we passed by the entrance there was a sign with a warning about how the ride is dark, jerky and can be scary or something. I skimmed it, so I obviously can’t quote it. I figured the height restriction meant it would be safe for her.

Was this just a bad assumption or did I ignore the warning sign because I wanted to go on the ride and didn’t want to contemplate the harm it could do? Honestly, I’m not sure, but boy did I feel like the worst mother ever, when we walked out of there. I will remind you that Babyface is terrified of the dark. She sleeps with her princess chandelier on dim every night.

Photo Credit: lorenjavier.

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