"I Turned Out Fine" Isn't Good Enough Anymore

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[Editor's Note: My grandmother hates the boys' car seats. Hates. "Well, when your dad was little, he would stand right between us when grandpa was driving and, look, he turned out just fine." I neglect to remind her of the horrific accident that threw her from the car and what might have happened if my dad had been in the car that day. The whole "I did x and my kid turned out fine" is an argument I hear a lot. Vivien at Vivien... Interrupted asks if maybe fine isn't good enough anymore. I think she's awesome for pointing that out. Just don't tell my grandma. -Jenna]

Maybe "Fine" Isn't Food Enough Anymore:

Running Board two childrenIf we think back to our pregnancies, I think we can all agree that we have high hopes for our unborn children. That we have strong feelings of wanting to nurture and protect our children. We don’t have babies thinking that they’ll turn out to be “fine”- we want them to turn out in the best possible way.

Yet, at some point, many parents decide to settle on “fine”. Raising a child is more work than they expected and “fine” becomes a condition that sounds attractive, that is good enough. Because researching and gathering information on what the best choices are is strenuous and time consuming. Making decisions based on ones own primal instincts and in accordance with what the baby is telling us he/she needs is hard labor.

Maybe “fine” just shouldn’t be good enough anymore.

Photo Credit: anyjazz65.

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