I Was Meant to Be a Mom

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Editor's Note: For all of the negative things we can say about the trials and tribulations of motherhood, the truth is that motherhood really can feel like the best thing in the world. Chloe at Rainbows & Honeysuckle proves that true, writing a great post about how she was meant to be a mom. It's a breath of fresh air! -Jenna

I Was Meant to Be a Mom:

But what I was most surprised about, is how naturally everything has come. I'm a young mom, so I was really scared that I was going to be completely ill-prepared. I will in no way say that I know everything, because I definitely don't, but I don't ask as many questions as I did when I was pregnant. I can figure things out. I know my baby. I know what he wants. I know how to take care of him. I don't freak out when he's crying, I fix it. I refuse to let my baby "cry it out," and I have no problem doing whatever it takes to make him happy. I'm content and I have never once gotten frustrated with Travis. There's no reason to, he has no other way to express himself.

Meant to be a mom
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