Would You Have Adopted Him Had You Known?

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[Editor's Note: I don't always think it's fair when we're asked questions like, "If you had known x, would you have done y." I love the post Tiffany at A Moment Cherished wrote when a question of that nature was asked about her son with special needs. I think if more people read it, they would rethink asking such questions. On the other hand, the discussions need to be had and maybe this was a good prompt. Either way, read the post. -Jenna]

I Would Still Say Yes:

The very words I live byIt was weeks ago now that the question was asked, at our county fair. But the question has lodged in my head and rattled around over and over. The man looked down at Jamesy who was tightly strapped into his stroller. (Whenever we go into public Jamesy is almost always strapped down or secure in our arms. This is to help him not feel overwhelmed and to keep him from running away.) As Jamesy gets older his uniqueness becomes more and more outwardly visible. Jamesy sat in his stroller, looking every bit of almost three, but he was far away inside of himself, banging his head and grunting. The man turned to Jim and asked the question that now keeps spinning in my head.

What if you had known all of his special needs, and the extent of the care Jamesy will probably need for the rest of his life, before you had adopted him? Would you still have adopted him?


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