Ice, ice baby!

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You know how you wait in the waiting room to see your doctor and then they finally call you into your room where you will visit with the doctor only to wait there too, until he/she finally comes in to actually find out why you are there? Well, sometime in December, I was at my doctors office waiting in my exam room after having waited in the waiting room, I decided to look at some pictures he had up instead of the "look-how-much-more-beautiful-and-perfectly-shaped-they-are-than-the-rest-of-the-population-and-look-how-horrible-she-looks-without-make-up-and-photoshop-and-find-out-how-many-more-unmentionable-things-someone-else-in-hollywood-did" magazines.It was one of those digital frames that changes through pictures ever 30 seconds or so and it was packed full of ice climbing photos.When I finally got to see my doctor, I took the moment between making excuses that he was sorry it took so long and looking over the answers I had given the nurse so that he could ask me the same questions, to inquire if that was him doing the ice climbing in the photos.His face brightened and he replied, "Ya. I go 3 or more times a week."I proceeded to tell him how crazy he was for doing so and explaining that we had been watching some ice climbers at the local Bridal Veil Falls and thought it was really awesome to watch some one climbing ice like that, but I would never want to actually do it!He got excited to see my interest and informed me of a big ice climbing festival that would be happing the end of January that his friend was putting on for the first year here in Utah.We only live a 10 minute drive from Bridal Veil Falls, so when I told Marc about the festival he was so excited that something so epic was coming so close to us. . . .

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