Back to You: If Momma Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy

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Editor's Note: Kim from Recipes to Run To writes about how she came to the realization that her life needed a change -- and what she is doing to get back to herself. -- AVF

The second thing that struck me as I went through the pictures was how much I've changed. I was shocked to see trends in how I cared for myself. My hair. My make-up. My clothes. And most astonishing -- my weight. With 24 hours in a day and more to do than possible, it's easy to understand how it happens. We start our days running and we end them exhausted. And in the process we can feel like we are losing ourselves.

Seeing myself in those photos at my heaviest weight reminded me of the passion that was lit inside me to commit to taking care of myself. And this couldn't have come at a better time. Our family has been running full speed, and as we've all heard: "if Momma ain’t happy, then nobody's happy." I control the central nervous system of my home. When I'm not operating at my best, it affects everyone. And lately, I've let other commitments take precedent over taking care of my family and I... and we've felt the effects.

"Mom and daughter at peace" via Shutterstock.

So, with a renewed sense of purpose, I'm revamping my calendar and my to-do list. Commitments are funneled through my "priority strainer" to decide if I actually have time to take them on. I'm then free to say "no" when I need to. And I no longer have guilt because I'm achieving all that I need to do to be the best in my role. If you can relate, then you know it's time to return to YOU.

As a part of managing commitments and our time, it's essential that taking care of ourselves is a priority. Whether you're at a stage where you need to make changes, or you need to recommit to the changes you've already made, this is a perfect time of year to do so. The normal busyness of life is even more amped up as we approach the holiday season. So, join me in taking care of ourselves so we can be our best in the roles we serve.

Read the rest of Kim's inspiring post to find out the changes she's making to her life. Maybe she will inspire you to make some needed changes as well!

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