An Ill-Conceived Trip to the Vet

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Taking one animal to the vet - inconvenient. What about two? Troublesome. Three? Foolhardy. But four? CRAZY:

"Only once I opened said door, the antiseptic smell of Vet's Office washed over the dogs and they knew where they were. This was no longer an adventurous outing, but an excursion through the gates of Hell....They both put their full body weights into pulling back against their leashes. This while I was pushing the carrier through the doorway with about half inch to spare on either side, like I was moving a dresser into a bedroom. I pushed it into the office as far as my arms would reach, then stepped back and flung the dogs in with one mighty, adrenaline-surge of strength."



Image credit: Anne Giberson via Bringing Borya Home.

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