I'm an Imperfect Mom & I'm Okay with It

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I am an optimist with a side of realist. As such, I try to focus on the good things, but recognize that sometimes we have to address the not-so-good to make that good stuff even better. Lena at Listen to Lena accomplished that in a recent post about being an imperfect mom. She lists off all of the things she does wrong, and while some might say that's a negative approach, I think it serves all of us well. Addressing those things that aren't quite what we want them to be with regard to our mothering can only be beneficial for our kids -- and ourselves.

Lena gets real in her post:

46/365 Feb 15, 2011I can never remember to brush the boys’ teeth. Yeah okay, I do pretty well in the morning, but before bed? Fail. Their toothbrushes are on the vanity right beside the bathtub, and all I have to do is reach over and brush them while they’re bathing. Problem is, when they’re in the bath I’m usually sitting on the toilet (seat down) drinking a glass of wine and staring into space.

I scream at my kids – often louder, and nastier, than I’ve screamed at anyone in my life. Sometimes I don’t even recognize my voice; it’s a mix of anger, disgust, and most of all, desperation. A deep desperation that is etched in every syllable because I am rendered insignificant and helpless with every cup of spilled of milk, every overturned laundry basket, every crayon scribbled across the wall. They just don’t give a f*ck and they don’t seem to get that I do. When it’s really bad, screaming turns into sobbing.

Photo Credit: beccapeterson.

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