I'm No Lunch Artist, but At Least She's Eating (Some of It)

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I had grand dreams of creating amazing lunches for my Kindergartener this year. I made a Pinterest board with fun, awesomely shaped lunches. Angry Birds! Mario and Luigi! Look, a fire truck! With less than a month left in our school year, all pretense has fallen away and the poor, neglected child takes a sandwich, some pretzels and a fruit he doesn't hate every day. Do you know why? Because at least he'll eat it, unlike the carefully crafted works of lunch art. I was devastated for all of two minutes. Deanna at Maple Leaf Mommy shared a similar revelation recently: at least her daughter is eating, right?

She confesses:

Octodog- Tempura Shrimp BentoWhen it comes to making school lunches I sometimes suspect I'm a lousy Mom. I want to be the Mom making the cool themed bento-style lunches, with fruit shaped like flowers and tiny sandwiches shaped like animals. The reality is I'm the mom that goes to head to bed at 1 a.m. and realizes I forgot to make my kids lunch again, and I'm left wondering if anyone at the school is going to notice that she's eating mortadela and grapes for the third day in a row.


Oh, don't get me wrong, I started off the school year with the idea that I was going to be this lunch making genius. I got out my vintage cookie cutters and pressed slices of kiwi into star shapes, I made crustless tuna sandwiches in the form of whales, and I topped it all off with handwritten notes.

Photo Credit: packedlunch.

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