I'm the Ugly Troll Blocking Internet Access

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I've already learned, our oldest son only 6-years-old, that Internet access and kids is a slippery slope. What starts out as one little website that helps them learn to read slides into other "educational" games which morphs into lots of fun "world" accounts and then eventually becomes an argument about time spent and what's appropriate and not and Facebook and YouTube and, OMG! WHERE DOES IT END? Amanda at unfinishedbizness recently lamented the way that the Internet ate her little girl. I know how she feels.

I'm sure her problem isn't unlike one being faced by many parents today.

Children using computers.My biggest problem with keeping her safe on the Internet is trying to make her understand that she’s too young to know what’s okay and what’s not. She doesn’t get it. Julianna tells me that she can definitely tell the difference between the two, so I counter with examples such as this: A Little Big Planet (user-created) level featured the voice of Peter Griffin going on a funny tirade about something inappropriate and she had no clue that it was inappropriate. She doesn’t know what Family Guy is and she doesn’t know why Peter is not a kid-friendly voice to be listening to.

She doesn’t understand why clicking away from “bad stuff” isn’t going to undo seeing it. I can’t seem to get through to her that Facebook and Twitter were not made with children in mind. It’s all shiny, sparkly and exciting to a 7-year-old.. and I’m the ugly troll blocking the golden bridge.

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