The Impact of Negative Behavior on Your Career

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[Editor's Note: Someone is watching you! Employers, recruiters, clients, prospects, partners, and anyone else who might want to do business with you. It used to be you only had to worry about showing up on the front page of the newspaper. Today, however, everything you say online can and might be used against you. - Paula G]

You Are Being Watched! And Judged!

Yes, you ARE being watched! What you write (or say) online “can be used against you” in the court of public opinion or in the privacy of an employer’s or a recruiter’s office. Yet, it appears that too many people are not aware that what they do online, in the “privacy” of their social media accounts, is often very widely visible.

This wide visibility can help or hurt both their careers and their job hunting. In this post, we’ll explore how people may be hurt by what they post.

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