Baby Announcements While Infertile

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Editor's Note: Infertility is heart-breaking and ever is it more painful than in the wake of a baby announcement. Whether it's splashed across the tabloids lining the checkout counters at the grocery store or revealed in a whisper by a close friend, baby announcements can stir up all kinds of feelings inside those of us facing infertility. This post at for we are bound by symmetry explores and questions these reactions. -- AVF

Infertility hurts. I realize that this is not a news flash, but I'm putting out there that I know how much it hurts. How it completely and utterly rips you apart. Emotionally. Physically. It's damaging not only to your mental health, but to the relationships you hold most dear.

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Like many infertiles, I cringe when I hear a pregnancy announcement. I rant and rave when that announcement is by a crackhead, a teenager, or someone who doesn't want a baby. Pregnancy announcements have left me in tears, they have left me angry, they have left me speechless.

Have I matured as an infertile? Perhaps. But more than that, I think I've really accepted my place in this world, as an infertile. 18 months ago, I thought that maybe I was just unlucky. I wasn't ready to label myself "infertile" quite yet. Today, however, I am not ashamed to say I'm infertile. Because, well, I am. This is me and my life, and I am doing my best to deal with it. Doing my best to come out in one piece on the other side. Baby in arms.

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