Drawing Up a Social Media Contract for Your Child

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Editor's Note: So you have a kid who wants to join social media? Take a page from Amanda Jane Brown's book and have your tween or teenager sign a social media contract. She drew up a sample one for Instagram, though the same ideas can be applied to any social media site. It can help your child understand how you want them to comport themselves online, despite whatever else they may observe other people doing. --Mel

And after much thought and consideration, we decided to let our daughter open an account…with the agreement that she would sign, follow, and adhere to a few rules. She says I’m a little strict, but I’ll take that as a compliment in this “let your daughter do whatever they want to” world.

Here is our contract…and keep in mind it is written for an 11-year-old mentality. No beatin’ around the bush or big words

What else would you add to her contract in making your own?


Image: BJ Carter via Flickr

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