An Interview with Kaylin, almost 8

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Me: C'mere - I want to ask you some questions.Kaylin: Okay!Me: What do you want do you want to be when you grown up?Kaylin: I want to work at a restaurant, be a librarian and maybe be a doctor.Me: All three at the same time?Kaylin: Probably just two at a time, but not all of them. Me: What is your favorite color?Kaylin: Yellow.Me: What is your favorite animal?Kaylin: That's a hard question, but I'll answer it with…uh, monkey?Me: A monkey?Kaylin: I guess!Kaylin: Because I like monkeys and I like turtles and I like dolphins. I like almost every kind of animal.Me: Would you do anything with animals as your job when you grow up?Kaylin: I could be a Zookeeper.Me: If you could have any pet that you wanted, what would it be?Kaylin: A turtle.Me: What would you name it?Kaylin: Um…hmmmm. . . .

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