It's True: I'm a Hover Mom

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[Editor's Note: I could have written this post by Miranda at Not Super, Just Mom -- a few years ago. As you might have gleaned from my post this morning, I've had a tendency to hover over the years. It's been a real fight for me to sit down and let the boys be at times. I'm getting there, and all I can tell Miranda is that she will to -- when it's right for her and her kiddo. Do you have any hovering -- or not -- advice? -Jenna]

True Life: I'm a Hover Mom:

Helicopter RidersDespite my free-range summers on the farm, I’m crippled by fear when it comes to my own children.

I’m afraid that he’ll get hurt and need me. But what I’m probably more afraid of is that he won’t need me at all.

I realize that I was nearly twice Joshua’s current age when I was spending so much of my time outside and unsupervised, but I worry that if I don’t let him start to explore the world on his own a little bit, he’ll never explore it at all.

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