Housetraining The Dog: Patience Required

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Editor's Note: Other than setting up a fresh lawn and fire hydrant in the house, how can a dog owner avoid potty accidents? Lots of training, patience and luck, it seems. Any training tips? Please, DO share. --Heather

We’ve read all the books. We watch Cesar Milan. We took her to obedience school. We practice exercise, discipline, affection. She gets regular breaks outside. She is rarely left unattended, and when she is, she is confined to a small area. But somehow we are not at 100% accuracy yet. I try to look at everything she does right, but it’s frustrating! I realize we’ve only had her since… November… since… it’s been cold out… but darn it, I don’t want another accident....

Dog Hydrant

Image: Sound_language via Flickr


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