Shared Grief: Obsessing Over Another's Loss

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When this blogger learned of another blogger's personal tragedy - losing a baby son - her physical and emotional reaction was both intense and mystifying:

I don’t know this blogger, nor do she and I share similar parenting styles...I knew of her through other bloggers and occasionally checked in on what it was she was saying. Overall, though, she and I knew nothing of one another, she probably never having heard of me at all.

None of that mattered, though, when another blogger I follow posted on Facebook that The Progressive Parent’s son had passed away the night before.

My spirit sank into my stomach. My eyes welled with tears. My heart ached — literally hurt — for this woman. (Heartbreak is a real physiological thing, you guys.) I visited the link to her page and read her updates. I felt compelled to unite as many people as I could in thought and prayer for this family despite not being an overly spiritual person myself.

I could not understand or explain what was happening to me.

Shared Grief

Image: allspice1 via Flickr


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