It’s Okay, It’s Love: Episode 8

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The fixation on our heroine’s reluctance toward physical intimacy goes into overdrive in an hour with as much of a one-track mind as its straight-shooting hero. I guess it won’t come as that much of a surprise when the weeks leading up to this have dedicated a fair amount of energy to the idea of getting down to business, so in that sense it’s always been less a question of “Will they or won’t they?” and more of a “Will she and when?” It’s been a close race for ratings this cycle, and even though It’s Okay slipped into last place with 10.2%, I wouldn’t be surprised if that continues to change in the weeks to come. (...)Read the rest of It’s Okay, It’s Love: Episode 8 (4,015 words) © HeadsNo2 for Dramabeans, 2014. | Permalink | 134 comments | Add to Post tags: featured, Gong Hyo-jin, It's Okay It's Love, Jo In-sung . . .

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