It's Not Just The Bachelor or Girls, Hipster Racism is All Over TV

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[Editor's Note: There's been a lot of talk recently about hipster racism and how shows like The Bachelor or Girls lack people of color, but isn't that a pretty common characteristic of mainstream TV? And by diversity, let's move beyond the the funny black sidekick or the accented Asian diner cook! Lori Tharps of My American Meltingpot has some suggestions for other shows, too. --Grace]

  • 1. Saturday Night Live. Could we please get a Black woman in the regular cast so the two Black male cast members can stop dressing in drag? And while we're at it, a Latina, Asian and/or any other woman of color would be really appreciated. Why is it that only White girls get to be funny?

  • 2. Law & Order. I am a loyal fan, but wouldn't it be great to get a Black/Hispanic/Asian female cop on the beat? And keeping Tamara Tunie, who played the medical examiner on the show, with the dead people in the morgue, is probably the reason she quit.

  • 3. Modern Family. Okay, so Modern Family is supposed to be so great because not only is it funny, but they have a diverse cast. Let's check that diversity. They have two gay white men, with an adopted Asian daughter. They have a Colombian mother and her son. I'm not saying this isn't progress, but nobody in the cast is really pushing any racial boundaries. I'd love to see a Black family somehow become part of the show. A neighbor, a love interest for one of the kids? Someone's boss. There are endless possibilities.

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