Joseph's Birth Story: Part One

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It seems fitting to post part one of little Joseph Pio's birth story today, his official "due date", which is now his 3-week-old birthday. It took at least a week for it to hit me that he was actually here, and the aftermath of his birth was super emotional for me (it was not that bad, I was just a sleepless ball of raging hormones), so I didn't really even want to think over the birth story. Now I have waited so long that His Royal Cuteness is no longer content to slumber anywhere other than in my arms or attached to me in some way, while I am standing and preferably moving, so posting the birth story in parts it is.I am getting somewhat of a grip on the postpartum hormones (Mike might say otherwise), and will venture now to share the story, which is actually terribly uneventful, but still, it's a birth story.So let's get to it.But first, a some current Joseph pictures since part one of this story has almost no correlating pictures- sorry about that. . . .

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