just last week.

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We have been 'living' church since Valentine's Day.It's a full time job including my husband's regular full time job teaching high school and my Mommy life.But I have had a new love for the ministry since we had a truly great preacher visit our church during our married's retreat. Just his friendship with my husband and I was refreshing.And then we had a tremendous revival just last week.It’s a great advantage to be homeschooling because me, Glen {family friend} and the kids were able to go to other kid's schools and outreach. We hopped in our big white van we affectionately call, “Great White” and went to the local elementary school ending at 2:10 pm and the high school getting out at 3:05 pm and passed out a couple hundred flyers.We started our revival with a park fair on Saturday and church on Sunday morning.God opened a door and my husband was able to get our evangelist into his High School as a guest speaker. . . .

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