Hey Momtographers! Just Take That Photo!

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[Editor's Note: "Tommy! Look at mommy's camera and smile! No, Tommy, look here. At the lens. Right HERE. TOMMY! TOOOOOOMMMMMMMMY!" I know you've said it. I've said. I said it yesterday. But Veronica Armstrong wants you to stop interfering in your kids lives and just take the picture. Really. You get better results that way -- and I remember that only after I realize I sound like a moron trying to get my youngest to look at the camera. Go take a look at her beautiful photos if you need proof. -Jenna]

Just Take the Photo:

Joan Behind the LensThis post is more about being a mom with a camera than a photographer who happens to be a mom. It’s about capturing moments, and documenting memories — good ones, difficult ones, funny ones, sad ones… because while I love the sight of my sons’ smiling faces grinning at me in photographs, I cherish the images I have of them being themselves and in their world more than I ever thought I would.

So today I have a simple task for you: just take the picture. No matter what your little one is doing, don’t interfere – join their perspective and just take the picture.

Photo Credit: cogdog.

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