Uncomfortable Caregiving: Asking Your Father-in-Law Medical Questions

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[Editor's Note: Sometimes the posts we spotlight and feature about the not-so-easy task of caregiving for our aging parents are... well, let's call them heavy. Because it's heavy stuff; it's just not easy. Candance at Crazy Texas Mommy recently made me spit coffee at my screen with her funny post about caring for her father-in-law. Maybe it wasn't funny in the moment -- more like mortifying -- but, I think all caregivers could use a good little laugh, however uncomfortable. -Jenna]

Just When You Think Things Can't Get Any More Uncomfortable, Life Is Going to Prove You Wrong:

Getting our marriage license.I fill out my FIL's medical paperwork because he doesn't see well and now that he's gotten a little shaky, it's hard to read his handwriting. I'm generally glad to help him out. But sometimes I have to ask him questions that provide me with more information about certain areas of his body than I'm comfortable having, since the amount I want is zero.

The first time we encountered this little issue was about four weeks ago when he went to his first oncologist visit down here. I was asking him all the regular questions like, "Do you feel fatigued?", "Do you get dizzy?" and then I came to this one:



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