Kathy Sierra on Pixie Dust and Real Goals

BlogHer Spotlight

Hugh MacLeod from Gaping Void may have sprinkled a little pixie dust on Kathy Sierra to get her to write this guest post for his blog. Whatever magic he used, we're happy to see Kathy speaking out on business, social media, gamification, and making a product a success.

We’re always searching for that sec­ret for­mula, that magic pixie dust to sprin­kle over our pro­ducts, ser­vi­ces, books, cau­ses, brands, blogs to bring them to life and make them Super Suc­cess­ful. Most marketing-related buzz­words gain trac­tion by pro­mi­sing pixie dust results if applied to wha­te­ver it is we make, do, sell. “Add more Social!”. “Just need a Viral Video!” “It’s about the Story­te­lling!”. “Be Authentic!”

kathy sierra
Kathy Sierra by Randy Stewart via Flickr

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