5 Ways to Feed the Flames of Passion

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Editor's Note: At the beginning of a romance, passion is like a fire that refuses to be contained. But as time passes, that uncontrollable fire stops raging. How does one keep the passion alive? Lee Block at The Post Divorce Chronicles offers us the five best types of relationship kindling. -- AVF

Eye Contact. I don't mean across a table, although that is important -- instead, I'm talking about more intimate eye contact. Here's something you can try: at the end of the day, lay close to your partner and stare into his or her eyes. As you're talking, you may forget what you wanted to say as your heartbeat speeds up and you're consumed by a need to kiss your partner. This is intimacy at its finest.

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The power of touch. Whether it's a touch on the cheek, the movement of hair behind your ear or even a brush across your hand, the power of touch is undeniable. Your body's largest erogenous zone is your skin, so think of all the places you can touch your partner without being sexual. Touch lightly and gently and run your fingertips over exposed skin. Sparks will fly and passion will ignite.

A kiss is not just a kiss. As we grow comfortable in our relationships, we forget about kissing. Occasional pecks replace the long, slow kissing we experienced when we were in the courtship period. A deep, slow kiss does more than just get the blood pumping in the right direction; it also evokes feelings that have laid dormant and reestablishes a strong connection that may have been lost.

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