Keeping House: Don't Lose Your Google Reader/Friend Connect Subscription on July 1

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{photo via creative commons} Hi, friends.  This post is pure bloggy housekeeping.  But it's important, if you're interested in keeping up with my words and adventures here.  Because as of July 1 (that's Monday . . . wow it snuck up on me!), Google is shutting down Google Reader and Google Friend Connect.I'm very sad that this long-rumored changes are finally coming into being.  I use Google Reader to follow along with all of my favorite blogs, and think it's unparalleled.  I have switched all my subscriptions over to Bloglovin, but I will miss the ease and build of Google Reader.And as for Google Friend Connect, I'll miss that, too.  If you don't know, Google Friend Connect is that widget over in the right sidebar that says "Join This Site" with all the followers' photos beneath.  I really enjoy how this simple widget gives a face (or really, faces) to the audience you write to -- and, in our case, the beautiful community of you amazing readers I have come to truly love.  I will miss this feature. So what's a blog reader to do?  Well, there are a number of subscription alternatives to Google's.  As you've probably already guessed, I favor Bloglovin.  A great bonus of Bloglovin is that they've made importing all your current Google Reader subscriptions crazy simple -- learn how to do so here (if that tutorial doesn't click with you, here's another equally easy method).And if you're interested in following my blog with Bloglovin, click here or on the button below.  There is also a button in the right sidebar.  It would truly fill me with joy if you wanted to continue reading my ongoing story.  It's been wonderful traveling with you through the beauty, pain, and blessings of this life.  I love you all.  p.s.  Could you please be praying?  The Best Husband Ever and I are in the midst of making an excruciatingly difficult decision, and there are no good options.  I'm not sure what to ask for . . . perhaps wisdom, and then grace and peace in whatever not-good option we go with?  Thank you and thank you and thank you. . . .

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