Not Even Julia from "Parenthood" Is the Perfect Mom

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Editor's Note: If you watch Parenthood, you know that Julia's character is one that many love to hate. She's always on the ball. She's always perfect. Except... maybe not so much. Maybe, just like us, she has a little bit of human in her too. Kelly at DeBie Hive recently wrote about how maybe it's okay to be like Julia as a mom. What do you think? -Jenna

Kelly & Julia:

We can't do it all, and we need to stop expecting that we can. We need to stop letting society tell us we are failures if we can't. We need to stop telling ourselves the same thing.

We need to find that balance, and finding it probably means that we need to take some stuff off the scales first.

I'm not really Wonder Woman, even if I look like her when I put the costume on.

Maybe I'm more like Julia than I thought.

And that is okay.

Julia from Parenthood
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