Kick Off Crab Season With Crab & Corn Cakes

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My Mom was born in Baltimore, Md., which means she was raised on Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. As a result, so was I—Mom definitely passed on her love of crabmeat to me, whether we're picking meat directly out of a steamed crab shell, or eating it in crab cake form. Crab season is about to start, and this recipe is a great way to highlight delicious crab meat. I particularly like that the cakes are pan-fried a little bit before being finished off in the oven—that gives the cakes a chance to really show off the crab flavor without being too overdone. --Genie

Crab and Corn Cakes

While crab meat is available year round, it’s extremely expensive when out of season. Prices start to mellow in May, when the harvest is abundant, so mark your calendar and get your crab cakes on!

Crab and Corn Cake

Image Credit: Dawn Viola, used by permission.

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