Kids with Autism: Selfish?

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[Editor's Note: After watching a recent episode of Parenthood, Debi at Who Says 8 Is Enough? shared her "too close to home" thoughts about her son, his autism and how it affects their family life. I encourage you to click through to see where she ends up -- because those teeny, tiny moments are so worth it. -Jenna]

Such Is the Life of Autism:

For a piece I'm editing.Kids with autism are selfish,
Not because they want to be, but because they generally don’t know any other way to be.

And it’s a tough pill to swallow and even tougher to admit.
No one wants to think of their child as self-centered, let alone readily admit that their child’s entire universe is based solely on their own happiness.
But, such is the life of autism.

And, as a mommy to an autistic child, we buy right into it.
Out of desperation.

I’ll admit.
I will do anything for Will,
for his happiness.
Because who would want to see their child closed-off, in his own world,

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