Kim Hyun-joo offered KBS weekend drama

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You know, I’ve wondered why Kim Hyun-joo seems to have such an affinity for long weekend dramas when I can see her headlining miniseries just as readily, but she seems to like the format, and is eyeing another one to add to her resumé: KBS’s upcoming What’s With This Family. (Kim’s last three dramas were weekenders: Cruel Palace, Dumb Mom, and Twinkle Twinkle.) What’s With This Family previously announced several potential castings in its younger generation, with Park Hyung-shik, Seo Kang-joon, and Nam Ji-hyun all in the mix. The drama sounds like it’ll carry all the familiar trappings of weekend family shows, which center around a large cast of characters and deal with family conflicts and relationships. (...)Read the rest of Kim Hyun-joo offered KBS weekend drama (196 words) © javabeans for Dramabeans, 2014. . . .

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