Kim Kardashian Admits Pregnancy Is Hard, Gets Ripped to Shreds

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[Editor's Note: Luckily Kanye West's name starts with a K, or Mama Kris might not have been so keen on having him daddy Kim's baby. Okay, now that I've got that out of my system... With the announcement of Kim's inhabited uterus, the internet and the world are poised and ready to strike on any and all news related to baby Kimanye-to-be. So much so that perhaps we're jumping the gun on this one a little bit, folks. Jill from Baby Rabies gets a little worked up on Kim's behalf... What do you think? --Morgan]

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Kim Kardashian is pregnant. 12ish weeks, I think. Yes, it’s Kanye’s baby. Yes, she’s still married to that other guy. Yes, there are a million jokes that can be made, and so many reasons why people legitimately don’t like her, and that’s fine. I don’t really care one way or the other for her. I don’t have cable and miss out on much of her life. I’m cool with that.

But she said something on Entertainment Tonight recently that suddenly has droves of People of the Internet, mostly women on Facebook and websites like Jezebel, up in arms. What dumb thing did she say about her pregnancy already? Was it that she only plans to feed the baby from a gold-plated breast of a wet-nurse she’s importing from Prague?

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