Kindergarteners Do Not Need Fingerprinted

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Does your child's elementary school do a safety day during which your children are fingerprinted "just in case" something happens? Rebecca at The Upside Down World decided not to let her daughter participate in the fingerprinting. Why? Not only does she find the process kind of pointless in this day, but she also doesn't want to unnecessarily scare her daughter about "what if" scenarios of boogey men and kidnappings. She brings up good points.

She goes on to explain her reasoning:

PHOTO Tradewinds 090306-M-2510M-5891FingerprintLRI want my kids to grow up to be strong, confident people who can move through their world freely, not afraid of shadows and boogey-men because my fear kept them from being given the chance to learn basic competence. So, I am philosophically and morally opposed to behaving as if my children are in ever-present danger. Heck, I even encourage my kids to talk to people while out and about. Because it’s good for them and our communities to be able to carry on friendly conversations with people they meet. They just can’t go anywhere with anyone - even a friend – without talking with me directly.

I know, I’m a terrible mother. But I’d rather be a terrible mother with competent kids than a “good” mother whose kids never get to practice being independent or taking small risks. I do not want my kids living in fear or thinking that it is normal to arrange life out of fear of things that could, but almost certainly won’t happen.

So what do you think? Will you still get your kids fingerprinted "just in case" something happens or not?


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