Can I Have a Lactation Consultant Who Looks Like Me?

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[Editor's Note: It seems so obvious that parenting is very cultural. So when it comes to getting more mothers to breastfeed, shouldn't we start with finding lactation consultants of different races and ethnicities? Kimberly Seals Allers writes on Women's eNews why it's so important to have more diversity in the ranks of lactation consultants. --Grace]

"The proverbial 'Sally' cannot talk to the proverbial 'Shaniqua,'" says Johnson.

Truth moment: I discovered something about myself when I was breastfeeding my daughter. I did not really want a white woman to see my breasts. Maybe because of my overly dark areola and large nipples (I had to get a special pump), which seemed exotic and very National Geographic in my own mind. And I certainly didn't want to tell a white woman some of the comments of my family members, which were really at the root of my insecurities around breastfeeding but may have sounded "ignorant" to anyone else not familiar with our cultural history.

I know I am not alone.


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