A Lap Dance, Customer Service, and Unsolicited Opinions

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Customer service takes on a whole new conversation when you're a stripper and your client is someone who doesn't want to be there. Here's an insider look at what it's really like to be a stripper, serve the customer, and deal with unwanted, unsolicited advice.

“I hate bachelor parties,” the petite blonde in a pink bikini sitting beside me at the bar said. “I hate guys who are in here because they think they have to be in here and not because they want to be here. You’d think we were dentists asking to pull out their teeth. You don’t need local anesthesia! It’s a fucking lap dance!”

She’s not alone. When you look at stripping for what it is — a job — and consider what it’s like to have to provide any semblance of customer service to someone who doesn’t really want the product or service, you begin to get an idea of what this situation is like.

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