The Lay-Off

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Have you ever been laid off? I have come *thisclose* by being tipped off beforehand and quitting before I got the talk Traci describes. I'm not sure it made me feel much better to have left before the inevitable ax fell. It really, really sucks to get let go.

Traci captures the feelings of both devastation and hope in her post.

The Lottery

The tears threaten and evaporate as the situation is discussed in terms of the lack of my existence; how hard it will be for "the rest of the team" to perform my workload once I've departed. These words are somehow meant to be comforting, as in, you were valuable, you did do important work that the rest of us will now somehow have to manage. NOTE: These are not phrases that should be uttered when letting a person go. Noting how the survivors will suffer by my being hacked does not actually make me feel better. It makes me feel more alone than I can describe.

Empty Cubicle

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