Letting Go and Letting Him Learn

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[Editor's Note: I love how blogging allows us to tell a continuing story, let's us share where we once were, where we are now and how we got from Point A to Point B. I think that's extremely helpful when it comes to parenting blogs. Barb at Plate Spinning 101 recently shared about the journey they went on from her son's birth through his autism diagnosis and up to now. It's a hopeful post, full of learning to let our kids live their lives. Take a journey with Barb today; I bet you learn something important. -Jenna]

Learning to Let Go:

Let GoToday, he is an eighth grade student, learning with his peers in "regular" classes and has been on the high honor role at his middle school for the past several semesters. In between then and now, his journey has been filled with frustrations and joy as well as set backs and triumphs.

And the hardest part for me has been learning to let go - stepping back and letting him blaze his own trail.

I used to have a white-knuckled grip on him. Fighting the urge to hover nearby like a protective body guard on over-drive had been my modus operandi since we got his diagnosis. Take, for instance, the time we signed him up for soccer.

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