LeBron James: Witnessing Greatness

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Editor's Note: The Miami Heat are back in the NBA Finals for a second straight year, searching for the first of what LeBron James bragged would be multiple titles. Despite the presence of greatness, the Heat is fiercely disliked due primarily to the way James' staged his departure from his former team in order to move to Miami. On the other hand, the Oklahoma City Thunder, along with star Kevin Durant, are both easy to like. With so many fans rooting for OKC, sportswriter Justine Brown takes a look at the unstoppable King James. She writes:

For an entire game, we got to see the true beauty of LeBron James; a ridiculously talented, skilled, finesse, 6’8″, 250 pound, pure-muscle, man-beast, that cannot be stopped going to the hole, by any player, or players, on any basketball court, in this world. We as spectators all know, every team knows, every coach knows, every player knows, and apparently after tonight, LeBron knows that when LeBron goes to the hole with the basketball, he can. not. be. stopped. Period. It’s that simple. The result will be a basket or a foul, nine times (or more) out of ten.

Are you a James fan? Any predictions for the Finals? Catch Game 3 Sunday night!

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