Lessons in Acceptance on the Playground

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Editor's Note: I am always amazed by the love and acceptance my sons show other children. Quite honestly, it's both refreshing and a bit guilt-inducing. Why are they better at it than me? Law Momma recently got schooled at the playground on this same topic by her young son. I think we could all learn something from his exchange on the swings. -Jenna

Lessons from the Swingset:

As focused as I was on the boy beside us and the noises he made as his father pushed him higher and higher, my son was even more focused. I watched J’s head turn towards the boy after one particularly loud expression of joy and I froze, ready to explain it away… ready to intervene… ready to apologize.

“Swings are so much fun!” J announced, watching the boy beside him fly through the air. He knew without asking me anything, without saying anything, that the boy beside him wouldn’t respond but he talked to him anyway, echoing the joy that shone from the sweet face beside him. J kept up a running commentary, as if the sounds from his new friend were normal and everyday… as if they were having a conversation, even without words… because they were.

Credit: tjook.

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