A Letter of Apology to All Stay at Home Moms

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Stay-at-home moms work. Perhaps harder than anyone else. Here's a heartfelt apology to stay-at-home moms moms from an eternally sorry realist.

Dear Stay at home Moms,

I will admit, I was that woman. The I’m just as smart as a man so I want the same job he has and anything less means I failed, woman. I worked night and day to move up to the C-Suites because anything less would be LESS, too much less. I used my mind every day to prove that I could be successful; and successful meant high-powered job. I never understood the concept of wanting to cook and clean and bake and all of those other domestic things if you had a college degree and you were mentally capable of MORE. I knew that some people had to do those things, but to me, the only reason that would be a major part of anyone’s day was if that was all their intelligence allowed them to do. I was a classic case of feminism gone wrong.

Stay at Home Moms Work

Credit Image: Ed Yourdon via Flickr

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