Letting Out All of Your BlogHer Conference Anxiety

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[Editor's Note: It's the final countdown to BlogHer '12, and perhaps you're just as nervous as Momalog for the same reason: this is that moment when your online world and the offline world collide. When people step through the computer screen and become real, live human beings instead of names behind a blog.  Momalog lets loose all of her anxiety about the conference, and it may help you to let it all out now so you can walk into calmly into the conference... even if you look nothing like your avatar. --Mel]

I haven’t been to one of these mom-bloggy things before. I am a person who quietly attends summer writer’s workshops where the biggest social event involves jeans, Beat poets, and S’mores at a bonfire. This one – it’s in Manhattan, as if that’s not intimidating enough – and I’m pretty sure there won’t be any bonfires or S’mores or hippie poetry readings. I’m not quite sure what to expect.

Okay -- let it out -- what are your biggest fears about going to the conference this week?

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