LGBT Families Day: For Our Son

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In honor of LGBT Families Day, we are featuring a snippet of this beautiful post from a proud mother inspired to fight for her son's familial rights. There are a number of excellent posts to honor this day over at Mombian's blog - enjoy!:

"Our son, now two and half years old, the little bundle of spirit and joy that altered our universe and took me from tolerant to proactive. Where I did not fight for my own rights, I immediately knew I would fight for his. Straight from my wife’s womb and into my heart, I instantaneously became his advocate. He is sweet, smart, loving, and kind. A gentle soul with a touch of Irish spunk and temper. He sings off key but with great enthusiasm. He knows his ABCs. He loves his Mommy and Mama. He would swim all day and night if we let him. Donald Duck is his favorite. He was the answer to 16 months of prayers and wishes. He, simply put, is perfect. He also deserves every right and legal protection that is now given to children with a mother and a father. Why must he be punished and go without because the two people that love him more than anything on earth, who make every decision based on his well-being and happiness, and who fought so long to create him are of the same sex? The opposite of evil, we are two human beings who created another precious human being all in the name of expanding love and family."




Image credit: Amanda Hudnall via Little Monster and Mommies.

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