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That portrait is of my mom.  Next month will be the 7th anniversary of her passing.  The sharp pain has ebbed, but the burning desire to help others who are going through what we as a family went through hasn't faded a bit.  When I was about 10 years old my parents brought me and my siblings back to their bedroom (my sister was 20, and my two brothers were 15 and 5).  My dad tearfully told us that my mom had just been diagnosed with extremely aggressive breast cancer.  They had scheduled a double mastectomy for a few weeks in the future.  The surgery went well and Mom completed a few rounds of chemo and was told she was in remission.  About 7 years later my parents again called us into their bedroom.  Mom's cancer was back.  This time, though, nothing could be done about it.  It had never really gone away in the first place.

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