"Mom, Why Aren't Grandma and Grandpa Married?"

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[Editor's Note: I'd love if all parents who have to deal with divorce and/or remarriage in multiple sets of grandparents would chime in on a post that Goddess in Progress. In short, her son wants to know why Grandma and Grandpa aren't married anymore. I don't have advice because I'm trying to figure out how to explain these big concepts to our sons. How do you explain grandparents' divorce(s) to your kids? -Jenna]

A Lightbulb Moment, Unfortunately:

Mom and Dad holding handsHe asks, “Mommy, why aren’t your mom and dad married to each other?” Oof.

Five years, three months, and two weeks. That’s how long it took for one of my kids to ask about my parents’ divorce. Just to make it more interesting, he asked me completely out of the blue, while putting on his jacket to walk out the door, with my dad. No, that’s not awkward at all, why do you ask?


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