Listening to Fairies: Will Tinkerbell Lead My Kids Astray?

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[Editor's Note: Sometimes allowing our kids to enjoy the wonders of childhood imagination can put us, as parents, in between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes lines have to be drawn, but it's always so hard to tell what those lines are and where they should be. Gianna at Sweet Peas & Buddies is struggling with these concepts in relation to the lyrics on the Tinkerbell movie soundtrack. Is this all innocent imagination fun or should you always correct concepts that are in direct opposition to what your families believes? -Jenna]

Listening to Fairies:

Montclair Plaza Disney StoreAs we have listened to the delightful music, I have been trying to pay attention to the words. I'm not so sure about them.

"Be true, be kind, believe, and you'll be fine." That sounds okay. Believe in what? Fairies? Probably.

"When you're true to who you are, you will always find your star. All the wonders you will see when you fly with me." Again, true....kind of.

I don't know. Do I really want to make a big deal out of this? Is it that important that I delve into the theological implications with my children? Can we just enjoy a song? Or do we always need to be dissecting?

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