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[Editor's Note: As much as I have always loved reading, I don't think I can recall a single juvenile fiction book in which the protagonist was homeschooled. I've even read a lot of Young Adult fiction in the past few years, and I still don't remember any homeschooling storylines. Lili at The Neustel Way has been seeking out and reading books for her homeschoolers to read and -- in the spirit of good blogging and sharing knowledge -- has blogged her finds. Reading how she found them and what she thinks is interesting whether you homeschool your children or not! -Jenna]

Lit. Review: Juvenile Fiction wherein the protagonist is homeschooled. Part the First:

SchooledRecently, I've been trying to find works of fiction for my kids to read wherein the characters are homeschooled, and, more importantly, wherein the source of conflict has nothing to do with:

A. Said protagonist returning to conventional school, and/or

B. Said protagonist dealing with "fitting in", "being weird", or the "loneliness" that accompanies such characters.

Also, as is the case with all homeschooling-related stuff, sifting through the stories that are religiously-based is job one.

Before my kids joined the more than 2 million and growing other homeschoolers in this country (National Home Education Research Institute Facts on Homeschooling, 1.11.11), I didn't give the idea of homeschooling fiction much thought, and I certainly didn't spend any time seeking it out. But ever since the Neustel Paradigm Shift of 2010, things have changed. (Boy is that an understatement.) One thing that hasn't changed, however, is my love of kiddy lit. (Oh, Magic Carpet Books and Wonders, I miss you so!) As such, assigning myself the task of finding, reading, and reviewing this rather small genre of children's literature is an enjoyable endeavor indeed.

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