Managing a Multi-Platform Life

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Sarah Kimmel at Technology for Moms has a multitude of devices in her home, and is looking for tools that can help her manage them all. -Virginia

I have 3 computers. I use them all. My kids share a laptop (I have 2 kids) and then my husband uses the downstairs computer. That’s 5 computers, for a 4 person household. Not to mention phones (I currently have 2 that I use regularly), tablets, the Roku, Playstation, Xbox, you are getting the idea, right? So I need solutions that not only go to my phone, but my PC, and my other PC, and my tablet, etc. So I’ve been thinking about what are the tools that I use that can span multiple platforms. Cause once I go all in with a tool, I need to be able to access it anywhere.

Multiplatform image courtesy Sarah Kimmel

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